In May of 2021, I lost my father. I needed a way to process that grief and honor his life and what he meant to me. I was lying in bed one night a few weeks later, and the idea to combine a plant basket with photos of a loved one came to me. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I designed a prototype in my mind and headed off to the store to buy what I needed to create it. I really wanted to create something that had a good flow and was focused on celebrating my dad’s life and the people and things that he loved. My dad was an Army Vet. He loved cars, his boat, the Green Bay Packers, and his country. I included small mementos to represent all of these things, as well as photos of him with the family and friends that he loved so much. I found a great sense of comfort in creating the piece, as well as looking at this special memorial for my beloved father. 

After my experience creating a basket in honor of my dad, I realized that I could make these unique memorial baskets for others as well! I created a basket for my mom in memory of my Grandma Elain, celebrating her love of her huge family, cooking, baking, and her beautiful rose garden that she lovingly tended to in her later years. After some tweaking and experimentation, we found the perfect formula for a basket that both flows beautifully and includes a great selection of photos and mementos. We decided to expand our business to offer celebratory baskets for weddings, birthdays, baby showers, graduations, and much more!

We start with a handmade wicker basket and add photos and mementos from you that represent your beloved pet, family member, or friend. We print the pictures to custom fit photo frames for a clean and professional look. We may add some figurines and details on the frames to add some visual interest and represent the things your loved one enjoyed. We also have the option to add a digital photo frame to your basket so that you can enjoy a beautiful slideshow of photos of your loved one.
You can buy the basket as is and put your own pictures in, or for an additional charge, we can do it for you.
All of the elements in our baskets are interchangeable. If you want to move your pictures around, you can do that, or if you buy a new frame from us, you can update your basket at any time. All of our elements in the baskets are magnetic to make customization even more effortless.
It is our absolute honor to be a small part of honoring the people, experiences, or pets that have impacted your life. Our goal is to create pieces for you as if they were in honor of our own loved ones. We start with care, compassion, and a calling to make pieces that bring a smile to your face and a bit of warmth to your heart. Reminiscence of Yesterday was born in the midst of my grief, and it is my sincere hope that I can walk alongside you during your time of sorrow or joy and help you to feel supported, loved, and understood with a thoughtful memorial basket that you will treasure for years to come.

I'm Gwen, cherisher of memories

A truly unique way to remember all the  special things that made your loved one them. 

Audrey M.

You do amazing work on these! Jim’s is wonderfully done. I Love love the idea!!!

Becky H.

A truly unique way to remember all the  special things that made your loved one them. 

Audrey M.


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